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Meet Your Hooked on Hope Directors

Captain Lori Deaton, Co-Founder and Director:

Captain Lori Deaton is a resident and business owner in Apollo Beach, Florida. Lori is co-founder and director of Hooked on Hope, Inc. The organization, started in 2009 serving breast cancer patients across all Tampa Bay Communities, is celebrating its tenth year in 2018! As the owner and operator of LadyFish Charters, Lori has been guiding anglers of all skill levels throughout Tampa Bay and its tributaries for over two decades. Over the past several years, Lori noticed an influx of woman of all ages showing interest in fishing. As a result, she started her second business ‘Reel Ladies Fishing, Inc.’ A ‘ladies only’ series of fishing tournaments, workshops, and hands-on teaching clinics giving women anglers the skills to be successful on the water.

Captain Lori reflects upon the sense of the importance of community involvement that contributed to starting this grassroots non-profit organization. Selecting the breast cancer patients of Tampa Bay to raise money for was as easy decision! Captain Lori enlisted the help of her sister Marty Ostien, who worked for Dr. Charles Cox, Medical Director of the University of South Florida Breast Health Program. Dr. Cox, a compassionate, world-renowned breast cancer surgeon, was the natural choice to approach. Dr. Cox graciously accepted the invitation from Hooked on Hope co-founder sisters to serve as the initial benefactor.

Hooked on Hope began with an annual inshore fishing tournament; which quickly earned its standing in Tampa Bay as a premier annual fishing tournament and important fundraiser. The success of this event, enhanced with a Silent Auction and Breast Cancer Pamper Party, solidified its annual return. The success of this event over a period of many years also solidified Hooked on Hope’s standing in the community as successful fundraisers. Subsequently, Hooked on Hope also hosts an annual Golf Tournament; approaching its third annual in 2019.

As the 10th Annual Inshore Fishing Tournament on October 12 & 13, 2018 approaches, Lori proudly stands with a community of volunteers, sponsors, and supporters. Together, the Hooked on Hope family continues the momentum, support, and profound force in which the Tampa Bay Communities have embraced the organization. Captain Lori is proud to lead a committee of tireless volunteers; whose vigorous passion for the breast cancer patients of Tampa Bay make Hooked on Hope possible!

When Lori is not fishing charters or raising money for Hooked on Hope, she loves growing orchids, playing with her dogs, decorating her home, and hunting and fishing with her boyfriend Brooksye Hall.

Mary Ostien, Co-Founder and Chair, Treatment Support Grants Program:

Mary Ostien is a newly transplanted resident of Pinellas County, Florida. Following nearly 25 years living and working in Hillsborough County, Mary is enjoying life in the bustling City of Clearwater with the ‘old Florida’ feel. Since 1994, Mary held professional positions in breast, urologic, and pediatric oncology education, research, and grant writing at Moffitt Cancer Center, University of South Florida, and Florida Hospital Tampa. Mary holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Management, which she earned as a fulltime working adult during her 15-year tenure at Moffitt Cancer Center.

In 2009, Mary joined her sister Captain Lori Deaton who proposed start-up of a non-profit organization to raise money for local breast cancer patients. The sisters desired to give back to the community that had given them so much. They combined Lori’s expertise as a fishing captain with Mary’s business acumen and professional standing in oncology healthcare to establish Hooked on Hope. Fundraising efforts were quickly underway for the patients of esteemed breast cancer clinical, surgical, and research pioneer, Dr. Charles Cox. Today, the organization’s reach has expounded to include patients across all Tampa Bay Communities; covering a broad spectrum of medical providers and facilities.

Mary feels blessed to be part of groundbreaking efforts in the non-profit sector; raising money for ‘direct patient care,’ and ‘treatment support.’ These funding criteria serve a significant need for breast cancer patients. Moreover, she feels honored to serve as Grants Chair, leading the organization’s disbursement of funds via the ‘Hooked on Hope Treatment Support Grants Program.’ Assistance such as hospital co-payments, chemotherapy office visit co-payments, and prescriptions are examples of how the organization disburses proceeds. In addition, funds keep households running while patients are unable to work. One case in particular brings joy to Mary’s heart - Hooked on Hope paid the mortgage for a young single mother of three children who earned a living as a restaurant server unable to work during chemotherapy for her breast cancer.

Mary stands proud and steadfast with the entire community of tireless volunteers and supporters who will help ensure that fundraising continues in the Tampa Bay Communities for many years to come. This is a community in action -- reaching breast cancer patients throughout Tampa Bay who need help now!’

Mary has a grown son who lives and works in Tampa. When Mary is not working or serving community through Hooked on Hope and other service passions, you will find her on the golf course, at the beach, or tending to her beloved orchids.

Lavinia & Jimmie Stembridge, Logistics Chairs:

Lavinia Stembridge is a native of South Tampa. She and her husband of 30 years, Jimmie Stembridge, and her family, have resided in the same beautiful home for 50 years. Lavinia and Jimmie have a longstanding and strong bond with the local fishing community. The Stembridge’s deep-seated, robust involvement in the fishing industry led them to become integral members of Hooked on Hope since its inception.

When Lavinia joined the Hooked on Hope leadership team, she brought with her 30 years in professional sales experience. This experience has proven beneficial in procuring items for the silent auction, as well as securing sponsorships for Hooked on Hope. For over 25 years, Lavinia and Jimmie have served proudly as ambassadors for the Costal Conservation Association. The Stembridges have been instrumental in organizing events, fundraising, and political activism in the fishing industry. Their experience and dedication to the fishing industry has made them indispensable to the Hooked on Hope organization. Jimmie and Lavinia hold an important presence in the Tampa Bay Watch, Skanska, Moffitt Cancer Center, and Pasco Hernando College fishing tournaments.

Lavinia is a grandmother of five, great grandmother of one, with twins on the way! When Jimmie and Lavinia are not fighting for fishing rights, or scoring a charity fishing tournament, they spend precious time together through their love of travel.

Jamie Stembridge-Council, Registration, Finance, & Website Chair:

Jamie Stembridge-Council has lived in Florida since the late 1970’s when her father, Jimmie Stembridge, was relocated for his job. Jamie is mother to three adult children, all thriving and successful. Jamie earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and Finance as a fulltime working single mother. Later, Jamie also became a Certified Roofing Contractor; an industry in which only .5% of women nationwide hold this license.

Approximately five years ago, Jamie was invited by Lavinia to ‘help out as a volunteer’ with a non-profit group ‘Hooked on Hope.’ Following attendance at her first meeting and by the end of the next monthly meeting, Jamie was hooked on hope! She learned quickly that she would take over as the ‘Registration Chair,’ a lofty assignment for a new volunteer. However, Jamie gladly took on her new role and responsibilities with fervor and a strong sense of community involvement. Jamie feels very strongly about the importance of awareness and personal knowledge with regard to personal healthcare.

These attributes are quite fitting for Hooked on Hope, an organization putting assistance directly in to the hands of Tampa Bay’s breast cancer patients. Jamie’s commitment to the organization and the patients its serves is commendable! She recruits family members and friends to get on board and volunteer with her at Hooked on Hope events. When she is not recruiting new volunteers, she is busy planning new methods in which to help manage the organization. You will often find Jamie at other community events and causes, advocating her passions; always with her hand of kindness and compassion extended to those in need.

When Jamie is not working or serving her community, she loves to camp, four wheel, garden, spend time on the water, time with her family, her pups, and her people friends.

Hooked on Hope, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization * EID #26-1986514

What Hooked on Hope is All About

Hooked on Hope, Inc. is a local non-profit organization founded in 2009 serving the breast cancer patients of Tampa Bay. The organization proudly serves patients across all Tampa Bay Communities for un-insured and under insured patients. Hooked on Hope raises funds through an annual inshore fishing tournament, silent auction, pamper party, annual golf tournament, sponsorships, general donations, and community partnerships.

Hooked on Hope funds are disbursed year-round through ‘treatment support grants’ which provide direct patient care and support to patients during their difficult journey through breast cancer treatment. Funds are allocated for doctor visit office co-pays, hospital co-pays, prescriptions, and living expenses. In addition, the organization partners with specialists for patients suffering from the debilitating condition known as ‘lymphedema.’ Lymphedema services include physical therapy, sleeves, and gloves. The organization also pays for specialty mastectomy bras and breast prosthetics.

The Hooked on Hope Community Partnership Program helps reach breast cancer patients throughout the vast communities that comprise Tampa Bay. The organization remains steadfast in its commitment to expanding services and funding through its community partners.

Hooked on Hope is ‘Making a World of Difference Right Here in the Tampa Bay Communities.’ To date, Hooked on Hope has raised over $360,000! The breast cancer patients of Tampa Bay need your support! Many sponsorship and donor opportunities are available. Won’t you partner with us and get ‘Hooked on Hope!

Hooked on Hope, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization * EIN #26-1986514