• Parking (8)
    • Assist in event parking
    • Shuttle guests as needed with golf cart
    • Walkie Talkie provided
  • Kids Zone (4)
    • Manage bounce house along with all games ensuring each kid gets equal playtime and that they are accompanied by parent/guardian
    • Walkie Talkie provided
  • Main Stage (2)
    • Manages all band(s) needs
    • Assist with the transition of bands taking stage
    • Walkie Talkie provided
  • Runner (3)
    • Flexible to move about the event in between committee stations to assist in whatever may be needed
    • Walkie Talkie provided
  • General Volunteer
    • Assist in general volunteer needs as they arise
I'd like to Volunteer for the following:
Breast Cancer Survivor Chili Cook-Off Judge
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